Anti-Government Protesters Continue to Clash With Police in Colombia

5 monate vor

Colombian protesters rallying against the government and President Iván Duque clashed with police in the cities of Medellin and Popayan, Monday, June 28. ————————— READ MORE: Demonstrations by opponents of the government of conservative President Ivan Duque, marked by clashes with the security forces, took place on Monday in several cities in Colombia for the two months of the social protest that left more than 60 dead in the country. The country has known since April 28 a social crisis that started against a plan to raise taxes, since withdrawn, and has turned into a mass movement with almost daily demonstrations. The demonstrators are calling for police reform and more social justice in the face of the consequences of the pandemic which has caused an increase in the poverty rate among the 50 million inhabitants of the country, from 37% to 42%. The riot police intervened Monday "on twenty occasions in several cities," the director general of police, General Jorge Vargas told the media. ————————— LINK:
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