Barefoot Rope Walker Scales the Heights From the Eiffel Tower

1 monat vor

Cheers and applause echoed around the Eiffel Tower, Saturday, September 18, as French slackliner Nathan Paulin walked across a rope suspended 70 meters above the ground from the first floor of Paris' iconic monument. Paulin - who was attached to a safety line - finished the 600-meter course, which included sitting and lying on the rope that led towards the Chaillot Theatre with a backdrop of the French capital's skyline, within 30 minutes as part of live performance festival organized by the theater. Paulin, 27, first walked on a slackline 10 years ago. He said it wasn't easy to complete Saturday's feat, which took four years of practice, not to mention his childhood fear of heights. Paulin in 2019 conducted a 150-meter-high, 510-meter-long slackline walk between two skyscrapers at Paris' La Defense business district. (Reuters)
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