Boris Johnson rejects accusation of 'stoking division' over footballers taking the knee

6 monate vor

Boris Johnson has claimed he never condoned England fans booing players taking the knee against racism, rejecting accusations of 'stoking division'.  Yesterday, at PMQs, Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, accused the PM of trying to 'stoke a culture war' by refusing to condemn fans who booed the England team for taking the knee but now found himself on the wrong side. He suggested the prime minister had treated racism as 'a game'. Speaking at a press conference on his 'levelling up' agenda in Coventry today, Johnson was challenged on his previous use of 'divisive politics and language' Johnson and Patel accused of hypocrisy over racist abuse of England footballers ‘Hate will never win’: England’s Jadon Sancho speaks out over racial abuse
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