Chinese president Xi says China won't be ‘bullied’ by foreigners during anniversary speech

4 monate vor

Chinese president Xi Jinping has warned 'foreign forces' who attempt to bully China will ‘get their heads bashed’. In an hour-long televised address from Tiananmen Square marking the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi pledged to build up China's military, committed to the ‘reunification’ of Taiwan with China and stressed the autonomy held by Hong Kong and Macau. Beijing faces external criticism over its clampdown in Hong Kong and treatment of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Xi said that anyone who tries to 'bully, subjugate or enslave' the people of China 'will have their heads bashed bloody against the Great Wall of Steel forged by over 1.4 billion Chinese people.' Chinese Communist Party 100th anniversary: Xi Jinping vows China will never be bullied – live updates ‘Making China great again’: pomp and propaganda as CCP marks centenary
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