Cladding crisis: Why is the financial burden falling on leaseholders? - BBC Newsnight

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Newsnight reports on the ongoing cladding crisis and ask why the huge financial burden is once again falling on leaseholders to solve a problem that might have been avoided. Please subscribe HERE A government report commissioned following the Grenfell Fire laid out a number of specific changes that had to be made to how buildings were constructed  - particularly with regard to cladding - and what rules they had to follow. But since then thousands of leaseholders have been landed with huge bills to make their buildings safe. Now Newsnight has been learning about a whole new problem for leaseholders - that has nothing to do with cladding and wont be solved by any changes to the construction laws. There are blocks - like Transport House in Salford - where leaseholders believe at least some of their financial pain could have been avoided if developers had simply followed guidance in place when the building was built. Why the huge financial burden once again is falling on leaseholders to solve a problem that might have been avoided? Lewis Goodall reports and Emily Maitlis is joined by Dame Judith Hackitt, who conducted the inquiry into Grenfell Tower fire. #Newsnight #BBCNews Newsnight is the BBC's flagship news and current affairs TV programme - with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews. Website: Twitter: Facebook:
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