Eswatini: Protesters clash with police in Africa's last absolute monarchy | DW News

6 monate vor

Eswatini is Africa's last absolute monarchy, but the pro-democracy protestors who've been taking to the streets there want King Mswati III to change that, and soon. Protesters have clashed with police for days, demanding democratic reforms in the kingdom formerly known as Swaziland. Eswatini is a small mountainous state between South Africa and Mozambique. Though the government and the opposition give differing figures, they both agree that dozens died at the hands of security forces in the ensuing crackdown. The turmoil prompted the government to impose tight restrictions on the population, partly justified on the grounds of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. But the measures, including school closures and a curfew, only seemed to heighten tensions. Shops and businesses set on fire, chaos on the streets, roads blocked, and stores looted. These were the scenes as anger boiled over among protestors calling for democracy in Eswatini. King Mswati III has ruled Eswatini for more than three decades as an absolute monarchy - appointing the prime minister and retaining ultimate power. The king is known for his lavish lifestyle and 15 wives. He's also been accused of repressing any opposition. But there's growing demand for change. Many of the businesses targeted in the latest wave of protests have links to the royal family. Eswatini's government imposed a curfew - and called for calm. Security forces were sent in to deal with the unrest, and opposition groups say several dozen protestors were killed. The UN has called the crackdown deeply concerning. Amid a tense calm, there are fears there could be more bloodshed to come. Subscribe: For more news go to: Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: #Eswatini #Swaziland #KingMswati
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