FACT CHECK: Sisi’s Hypocrisy About Human Rights in Egypt

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On September 11, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced a “National Strategy for Human Rights” for the years 2021-2026. The plan to protect human rights is a first in Sisi’s seven years in power. Sisi, a former general, became president in 2014 after a military-led campaign that ousted President Mohammed Morsi over protests against his Muslim Brotherhood-led government. Sisi retired from the military and ran for presidency that May, claiming to win 97% of the vote in an election that international observers and human rights groups said was rigged. The new 78-page human rights strategy was announced at a high-profile ceremony in Cairo. “The Egyptian state confirms its commitment to respect the right of physical safety, personal freedom, political practice, freedom of expression, forming civil societies and the right of litigation,” Sisi said at the unveiling. “Egypt has always welcomed diversity of opinions.” But that is false as far as history goes. In fact, human rights watchdogs say tens of thousands of political prisoners are still being held in Egyptian prisons. Describing Egypt in its latest annual report, Freedom House writes: “Meaningful political opposition is virtually nonexistent, as expressions of dissent can draw criminal prosecution and imprisonment. Civil liberties, including press freedom and freedom of assembly, are tightly restricted. Security forces engage in human rights abuses with impunity. Discrimination against women, LGBT+ people, and other groups remain serious problems, as does a high rate of domestic violence.” LINK: https://www.polygraph.info/a/fact-check-egypt-national-strategy-human-rights/31471127.html
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