Gaza Building Collapses After Israeli Air Strike

4 monate vor

A 13-story residential building in the Gaza Strip came crashing down Tuesday, May 11, after being hit by an Israeli air strike. While residents were told to evacuate the building an hour before the strike, it is not immediately clear if it was fully empty, or if there were casualties. ————————— READ MORE: At least 40 people in the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem have been killed in fighting between Hamas and Israeli security forces that escalated Wednesday. Israel launched a new round of airstrikes on Gaza early Wednesday morning, targeting police and security installations. A multi-story residential and office building was heavily damaged by the strikes. No one was in the building at the time of the airstrikes. An earlier round of strikes Tuesday leveled a multi-story residential building that also housed several Hamas offices. Residents in the building and surrounding area were warned to evacuate before the building was destroyed. The airstrikes, which Israeli military forces say targeted rocket launch sites, intelligence offices and the homes of Hamas leaders, have killed 35 people in Gaza, including 10 children, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry. More than 200 others have been injured in the air strikes. ————————— LINK:
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