Giant Panda Cub Born in Singapore Wildlife Park

1 monat vor

A male panda born last month in Singapore is the first cub to be born in the country. The cub is the firstborn for a pair of giant pandas housed at the River Safari wildlife park in the city state. Its mother, named Jia Jia, gave birth to the cub on August 14. An announcement made Friday by Wildlife Reserves Singapore said that the cub is a male. Its gender was determined through a series of visual assessments by the group's panda care team. The gender reveal was made during the 14th birthday celebration of the cub's father, Kai Kai. The giant pandas being kept at the park are part of a joint collaboration between China Wildlife Conservation Association and Wildlife Reserves Singapore to promote giant panda conservation The Singapore public is being asked to participate in the naming of the baby panda, which they hope to announce before the male cub turns 100 days old on November 21. (AP)
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