How will Thailand respond to calls for reform? | Inside Story

2 monate vor

For the past year, thousands of people in Thailand have been holding protests. They've been angry at their government, and the royal family in particular. But a worsening COVID-19 crisis, has once again renewed that anger and led to mass protests on the streets of Bangkok. Many say officials are not doing enough to keep them safe. Protesters are demanding a change of the entire political system. And reforms to vague laws that could see a person jailed for up to 15 years for publicly criticising the monarchy. But what's sparked this latest anger against the Thai King and government? Presenter: Hazem Sika Guests: Jade Donavanik - Chairman of the Faculty of Law at the College of Asian Scholars, he is former adviser to Thailand's Constitution Drafting Committee. David Streckfuss - Historian and Author of 'Truth on Trial in Thailand: Defamation, Treason and Lese-Majeste'. Pravit Rojanaphruk - Writer and Columnist for English news publication, - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website: #AlJazeeraEnglish #InsideStory #Thailand #Protests
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