Iran elects mass murderer to be new president- Dr. Fadi Essmaeel

4 monate vor

#Iran finally announcing the results of its presidential race on Saturday, with #EbrahimRaisi winning in a landslide. But all around the world, Raisi’s name sounding alarms. And not just because he supports Iran’s nuclearization. But rather, he has also earned several other names– including The Executioner, and the Butcher of Tehran. Rights group Amnesty International, for one, even calling for Raisi to be investigated for crimes against humanity – while Israeli officials likewise calling for the West to wake up. Dr. Fadi Essmaeel | Research Fellow, ICT; IDC Herzliya Get the latest news from Israel - SUBSCRIBE: Follow ILTV Israel News on Facebook - Follow ILTV Israel News on Instagram - Follow ILTV Israel News on Twitter - ILTV Israel News Website - ILTV is an independent English-language media company based in Tel Aviv that provides daily news and entertainment to its viewers. Launched in 2015, ILTV is committed to producing high quality content in a broad array of subjects, from reporting news and current events to programming which highlights technology, art and entertainment, sports and culture. In today’s media, biased reporting and anti-Israel agendas are prevalent, as the State of Israel is under relentless attack. From the “spinning” of unfolding political events in order to display Israel in a negative light, to the misrepresenting facts, media outlets are providing the fuel which shapes negative public opinion and contributes to the Delegitimization of the State of Israel. #Israelnews #israel #Iltvisraelnews #newsfromisrael #israeltoday #iltvdailynews #tv7
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