Is a COVID-19 health pass a good idea? | Inside Story

2 monate vor

Governments around the world are stepping up their effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic. But the spread of the more contagious variants is posing a new challenge - and some countries are turning to technology for a possible solution. France and Italy are introducing so called health passes. They're a digital or paper certificate that show if someone has received at least one jab, has tested negative or has recently recovered from the virus. Although a majority say they support the system, thousands have rejected it saying it's an infringement of their basic rights. So, should people worry? Presenter: Sami Zeidan Guests: Brendan Gutenschwager - Independent Reporter covering the health pass protests across Europe. Oksana Pyzik - Lead at the Global Citizenship Programme on outbreaks of infectious diseases at University College London. Gabriel Scally - Visiting Professor of Public Health at the University of Bristol and a Member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies. - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:
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