Is Germany's economic prosperity at stake? The country's top economic challenges | Business Beyond

2 monate vor

Europe’s biggest economy is set to usher in a new era of leadership - but various challenges lie in wait for Germany’s next government. Meeting them would allow the country to hold on to its position among the world’s top performing economies...while failing to master them would jeopardize its prosperity. Janelle Dumalaon looks at some of the biggest issues facing the next administration. Chapters 00:00 A new era for Europe’s most powerful economy.  01:10 Achieving climate goals 03:55 Modernizing the industry 05:45 Boosting trade 08:40 Advancing digitalization 09:30 Streamlining bureaucracy 10:30 Offsetting demographic change Subscribe: For more news go to: Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: Für Videos in deutscher Sprache besuchen Sie: #BusinessBeyond #Germany #GermanElection
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