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Honda held the online Japan premiere of the new 2022 Step WGN on the 7th, and announced the design and outline. The design was redesigned with the grand concept of product planning as "nice living", and "Stepwgn Air" and "Stepwgn Spada" were unveiled for the first time. Two types are available: 2022 Honda Step WGN Air, which has a simple and familiar design, and Step WGN Spada, which has a design that feels fearless and stylish, so that it can be adapted to the user's lifestyle. The exterior of the 2022 StepWGN Air has a clean and simple design, and a thin plated molding is casually used to express the high quality. The new interior is an evolution of the "large space for the family" that has been built with successive models. StepWGN Air is intended to be a living room-like space in a bright room with warm colors. The official announcement and release of the new StepWGN Spada is scheduled for the spring of 2022. 新型「ステップ ワゴン」。 新型 STEP WGN 情報サイト​ ✔️ Watch More Videos 💏Connect With Us in Social Media. Join Our Channel. #STEPWGN #2022stepwgn #hondastepwgn #honda #ステップワゴン ใหม่ 2022 Honda Step WGN ทุกตัวเลือกสี | Stepwgn มินิแวน 新しい2022ホンダステップワゴンすべてのバリエーションカラーオプション| ステップワゴンミニバン Nuova Honda Step WGN 2022 Tutte le varianti Opzioni colore | Minivan Stepwgn Nuevo 2022 Honda Step WGN Todas las variantes Opciones de color | Minivan Stepwgn
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