Rescuers Continue Search in Landslide-Hit Japan Town

3 monate vor

Rescuers in a Japanese holiday town hit by a deadly landslide continue their search for survivors on Monday morning. READ MORE: In Japan thousands of emergency workers are digging through the rubble of a central seaside city neighborhood that was demolished by a massive landslide in a desperate search for survivors. As many as 130 homes and buildings were destroyed Saturday when the disaster struck the hot springs resort city of Atami, located about 90 kilometers southwest of Tokyo. At least three people are confirmed dead and as many as 80 others are believed to be missing. Saturday’s landslide was triggered by several days of torrential rains, which forecasters was more rainfall than Atami usually records for the entire month of July. The disaster comes just days before the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, which has been overshadowed by the rising number of COVID-19 infections across the nation. LINK:
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