Saving Malaysia's Bees, One Swarm at a Time

8 monate vor

Placing his bare hands into a swarm of thousands of bees, a Malaysian man uses his fingers to gently guide some of them into a rattan basket. Ooi Leng Chye is a member of a group that saves bees and their nests when they are discovered in cities, seeking to prevent the insects from being destroyed by those who view them as pests. 👉Bees play a vital role in ecosystems as pollinators of major crops, but their numbers have been falling rapidly due to habitat loss, pollution and pesticides. The United Nations warns that 40 percent of invertebrate pollinators -- in particular bees and butterflies -- risk global extinction. In Malaysia, green activists founded the "My Bee Savior Association" to help stem the decline. When the group is tipped off about nests in areas such as under roofs and near trees, their volunteers try to carefully remove the bees and take them to new sites. (AFP)
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