Should artificial intelligence be regulated? | The Stream

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In the past decade, artificial intelligence technologies have spread into almost every field. From healthcare and job hiring, to law enforcement and transportation, AI software is advancing our lives through automation. But there's also growing concern over some of the unintended consequences of AI - including privacy issues, algorithms that discriminate against race and gender, and flawed code that could threaten people’s safety and civil liberties. More governments are now looking towards regulations for AI technology. In March, China’s AI regulatory system went into effect, while nations like the UK and Canada have released proposals in recent weeks. Some technologists worry that more legal hurdles could stifle innovation, while proponents for regulation say the laws aren’t keeping up with rapid movements in the industry. In this episode of The Stream, we'll discuss the promise and peril of artificial intelligence and government efforts to regulate it. Join the conversation: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Subscribe to our channel #aljazeeraenglish #ajstream #artificialintelligence
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