The Shameful Camp | People and Power

6 monate vor

At its closest point, the Greek island of Samos lies barely two kilometres off the coast of Turkey, which has long made it a target destination for refugees and migrants seeking to enter Europe. Those who make it across the Aegean Sea are housed in and around a camp close to the capital Vathy. Some have been there for years, waiting for their paperwork to be processed through the tortuously slow Greek bureaucracy. Living conditions are atrocious. In the official camp, people sleep in dangerously overcrowded re-purposed shipping containers. But most are forced to set up tents or build a makeshift shelter in the unofficial "jungle", which surrounds the original compound on an exposed hillside. A new centre is under construction, on a mountaintop 10km (6 miles) away, and there is hope that conditions there might be better, but that is little consolation for those still living in squalor. In late 2020, a team of filmmakers went to meet some of the people desperately hoping their ordeal will end. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:
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