Video Shows Car Being Swept Away by Floodwaters in Spain

1 monat vor

A video published on Twitter, Thursday, September 23, shows a car getting swept away as heavy flooding hits the town of Almendralejo, in the southwestern Spanish region of Extremadura. READ MORE: Jets of red hot lava shot into the sky Thursday on Spain's La Palma as a huge cloud of toxic ash drifted from the Cumbre Vieja volcano toward the mainland and jeopardized the island's economically crucial banana crops. Walls of lava, which turn black when exposed to the air, have advanced slowly westward since Sunday, engulfing everything in their path, including houses, schools and some banana plantations. Farmers near the town of Todoque raced to save as much as possible of their crop, piling their trucks high with sacks of the green bananas, on which many of the islanders depend for their livelihood. "We're just trying to take everything we can," said a farmer who gave his name as Roberto from the window of his pickup. Some 15% of La Palma's 140-million-kilogram annual banana production could be at risk if farmers are unable to access plantations and tend to their crops, Sergio Caceres, manager of producer's association Asprocan, told Reuters. "There is the main tragedy of destroyed houses -- many of those affected are banana producers or employees -- but their livelihood is further down the hill," he said. "Some farms have already been covered." LINK:
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